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Tuesday, August 24, 2004

Story 6

"Ever since I have known you, I have devoted my life to you. Whenever your mood change, I have changed my way of life to keep you smiling. Shukojo, your name, your face is engraved in my heart for eternity. I'll live for you my lady love. In His name we will meet again my sweet wife."

Ken Kishi, japanese Samurai master, live and walk the world alone. In his heart, the soul of his deceased wife follows him. He promised his love that as long as he will leave, he will always protect innocent life and fight for justice. Now he knows that he has one last mission to accomplish before the slow poison takes his soul out of his body.


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At 4:53 pm, Blogger aNarki-13 said...

He must purify himself of the demon, the entity which was once his mentor and best friend.. now a demon to end all demons.. the warlord Torayama Ryu.
Two times he stood against the demon, two times he lost. lost all he had.
lost his wife to the plague, lost his health to the poisionous arrow still stuck near his heart, where Ryu put it, he was feeling like he was losing his sanity.
no one believed him, no one would.
who would believe a penniless shishi (wanderer) saying that one of the most powerful lords in japan is also the one who will eventually bring the end of the world?
exactly. no one.
that is why he had to live to see this through,
see the ashes of Ryu scattered to the four corners of the world.


At 2:31 pm, Blogger emigre said...

Ken Kishi rises slowly, it is dawn. The weak light of the winter sun filtering into the makeshift shelter does little to ease the ache of Ryu's obsidian flint in his breast. With effort he draws one knee forward and levers himself upright. Kishi's limbs are strong, but must work overtime to lift the leaden torso weighted with Ryu's poison.

Standing now, on his bare left foot the tattoed trigram "Heng" or "persevering" is visible. And on his right "possessing directed going".

A movement outside intervenes with thought. Kishi tenses.


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