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Sunday, July 11, 2004

Story 3

Noor is a pretty and clever girl. She likes her friends who also love to be with her. Suha, her very best friend, and she sometimes sleep at each other's house. They cook and study together. Today, Noor's father told her that they would have to leave for London because his sister is very sick and needs help. She was first excited about the idea of going out to London, but then her mother told her that they might be settling in London, near her aunt, due to the situation in the country (Iraq).

Noor became so sad, she was so happy being in Iraq. Her friends are great and funny, her teachers liked her and all her relatives lived over here. In London she won't have much friends, she will find it difficult to speak English, and also she hates her cousins there. She remembers when they came to Iraq two years ago they made fun of her in front of strangers in the restaurant. She can't look at their faces any more.

She laid in the bed and started crying.....

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At 12:01 pm, Blogger Faisal ... said...

Just at that moment someone knocked at her door. It was Suha who just popped in to see Noor.

"Hey, Why are you crying?" Suha asked

"Haven't you heard? We will be leaving soon."

"Yes I heard. It's for a few weeks only and I'm sure that you'll like it."

"No Suha, we will be settling in London and leaving Iraq for good."

There was a deep silence and both girls's faces were pale. Suha then broke the silence:

"Noor, I will always remember you because you are a sister to me. No matter how far apart we will be nothing can really separate us. Promise me one thing though"

"What Suha?"

"That you remain my sister and never become a stranger."

"You are my sister forever Suha and I will never forget you. One day I will come back and bring all the good things I learnt. As for the bad things, these should not even pop up." ...

At 4:44 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Suha put her arm around Noor, and sobbed quietly, somehow a little embarrassed even with her best friend. They sat quietly together for a few moments, sniffling and wiping their tears.

"Noor, my best dear old friend, I have an idea! It won't be so bad for us!"

Noor wiped her nose on an old rag and took a deep breath, shaking out the last of her sobs, "What could you possibly mean?

"Think about it! The world is much smaller now in so many ways! You will have a cell phone in Britain! You can call me now! We can talk! Every young person in Europe has an affordable cell phone! You will have 24 hour high speed internet access, you can have an AIM name and be online 24/7, you will have a digital camera or anything else you need and you can afford them because of eBay! Forget the isolated old Iraq, we can be together as much as we are now in words and pictures! And, I can't imagine this now, but I'm trying, I can even come and stay with you there and experience this whole new world myself!"
Noor widened her tear filled eyes and looked deeply into her friends eyes for a few seconds as new realities soaked into her mind. She looked back down into herself. A small smile started to break out, then a frown, as she tried to comprehend the new world.

At 12:48 am, Blogger Kat said...

These new things that Suha talked about were barely a dream to her. In school, they mostly had black boards and chalk with notebooks. They only had two old computers that sometimes didn't work and were constantly broken. But, oohh, what fun it was when they were working. She had found so many interesting things to look at on the computer. Wouldn't it be interesting if she actually had one that worked all the time? She thought of all the things that she would like to learn...

At 4:33 pm, Blogger Faisal ... said...

It has already been a month since Noor and her family came to England. Her dad managed to get a job and Noor has already started going to school. At first she found it difficult to talk English, though she could write very well, but now she hardly speaks arabic itself. Her mother was worried that she starts loosing her mother tong. As for her dad's aunty, her health is getting worse day by day.

At school Noor rarely talked to her class mates. They seem to have different cultures. Some of them always make poor comments on Iraq or even the Middle-East. She found it deeply offensive to see how young kids freely swear at each other and have little manners compared to her friends in Irak - yet they call themselves civilised.

Everyday, after coming from school, Noor made it a must to email to Suha telling her about her experiences ...

At 4:41 pm, Blogger mewmewmew said...

She heard it again, an unmistakable sound of movement. She looked back afraid to see a big hairy hand reaching for her neck or big hairy hand with an axe trying to split her head. Nothing, Phew! Her childhood imagination is revisiting her tonight. When she was young if she stands in front of a dark room she used to imagine this hairy hand reaching out for her and grapping her from the neck. Never did the hand have a body. Funny how childhood ghosts and fears visit us into our adulthood.

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