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Thursday, July 14, 2005

Two Minute Silence for the Victims of the London Bombing

Today all people of different communities across the UK (and probably the world) will be observing a two minute silence for the victims of the London bombing.

For those who incite hatred in the name of or against Islam, it is time to reflect that we all people with the same colur of blood flowing through our veins. We all live, eat and sleep on the same planet.


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Friday, July 08, 2005

Contribute: For those who have lost their lives in the London Bombing - Story 9

A pearl necklace broken.
Tears of the young kid on the streets flowing with the wind away from his face.
The father calling his son from his sleep.
Sirens of Ambulances chanting with sadness and desperation as they go to the victims
It is a tragedy just like a picture in black and white.
London is burning

[Please contribute to this 'poetic story' for those who have lost their lives in the London Blasts or at least add a link to this post]

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Friday, July 01, 2005

Story 8

In the extreme depth of the Universe, a vast space ship travels in search of new worlds. Its surface is purely reflective and hence invisible in space. They are warriors of human forms and of extreme strength. All in dark and each with a very evil look. Their weapons are the only ones of their kind, their technology unbeatable. Behind them they have left a trail of planets mere meteors and civilisations just crowds on erand souls. They are getting ready for their next destination, a small blue planet that is part of a system of nine worlds and one star in a milky galaxy.


Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Story 7

"I cannot believe I have lost him. Sniff. What has he really done to them? He was their flesh and blood and he spent most of his life helping them. I lost my husband Inspector - my husband."

On questioning, Jenifer Haspkin, 42 year old brunetter with a tan, told Inspector Ajay Hinds how she found the body of her husband, Ian, and suspect his brothers to be the killer.


Monday, September 27, 2004

Note to my visitors

I have noticed that I still get quite a lot of visitors from around the world still (America, Greece, India and many more). Please add a paragraph to any of the stories or let me know what's missing here. You help is appreciated in every way.


Tuesday, August 24, 2004

Story 6

"Ever since I have known you, I have devoted my life to you. Whenever your mood change, I have changed my way of life to keep you smiling. Shukojo, your name, your face is engraved in my heart for eternity. I'll live for you my lady love. In His name we will meet again my sweet wife."

Ken Kishi, japanese Samurai master, live and walk the world alone. In his heart, the soul of his deceased wife follows him. He promised his love that as long as he will leave, he will always protect innocent life and fight for justice. Now he knows that he has one last mission to accomplish before the slow poison takes his soul out of his body.


Monday, August 02, 2004

Story 5

He was walking down the street, looking at the windows, wondering what it might be behind them...
He saw an opened one and stopped a little to see what was going on. But he could not see anything inside, as the house was empty. He wondered why was it empty and why was the window opened? He knew that the owner of the house was outside the country for business and therefore took a closer look. "Oh my god, Maybe it was burgled" he thought. "Could it be? This man lives alone, he always has parties and I guess he's rich. Maybe he came back and took his stuffs. May be he moved into another house" He saw someone moving in, and decided to knock the door... After a while, he put his hands over the handle, and quietly... He opened the door. It was unlocked. He was confused... Should he shout and see if there's anybody in, or go out to call the police and look like a completely jerk? It was hard to decide, but he chose to go in. "Any body there?" he shouted. Nobody answered but he heard some movement...