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Monday, July 26, 2004

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Story 4

Louise felt as if someone was following her. It was dark and the road was very quiet. She could not see anyone around and yet she felt sure that a person was following her, probably to harm her. How can it be? Ever since she has been living here, at the age of 15, she has always taken this route to home and never had any problems.

"Could be just me thinking, it might not be a thing" she thought and continued walking in the cold night. ...

Sunday, July 11, 2004

Story 3

Noor is a pretty and clever girl. She likes her friends who also love to be with her. Suha, her very best friend, and she sometimes sleep at each other's house. They cook and study together. Today, Noor's father told her that they would have to leave for London because his sister is very sick and needs help. She was first excited about the idea of going out to London, but then her mother told her that they might be settling in London, near her aunt, due to the situation in the country (Iraq).

Noor became so sad, she was so happy being in Iraq. Her friends are great and funny, her teachers liked her and all her relatives lived over here. In London she won't have much friends, she will find it difficult to speak English, and also she hates her cousins there. She remembers when they came to Iraq two years ago they made fun of her in front of strangers in the restaurant. She can't look at their faces any more.

She laid in the bed and started crying.....

Wednesday, July 07, 2004

Story 2

"Have a nice holiday" Jane told her friends and "You too" they replied.

It has been nearly six months since she has been waiting for this moment. In January her dad announced that they will go to Egypt for this years summer holidays. She has been dreaming of the land of the Pharaohs ever since she was twelve years of age and this is a dream come true for her. In one day she will be sixteen and will be three thousand miles away from her home land. Little did she know of the journey they had to endure.

Sunday, July 04, 2004

Story 1

Readers, it's up to you how to continue the story. No Guidelines. Good luck.

Akhtar was standing on the bridge and looking at the horizon he said to himself:

"Will I ever come back to this wonderful town?"

It has been five years since he left the land he was born, the land of his childhood. He wanted to become a civil engineer and so he did. He can still hear his late grandfather telling him:

"Education is a great gift, take advantage of it. However little lad, never forget your roots and keep seeking wisdom"

Since day one at the University, he has been missing his parents and his old friends. Now he finds it hard to return back.

"I have made new friends and embraced new cultures. This is the place I want to live in and yet I miss my old town so much. It's so confusing."

As he watched the sun set he said to himself

"What lies ahead of the horizon for me?"